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  • Making You Happy Pt. 4

    Pairing: Lilo and Ziall

    Summary: Louis doesn’t know who he’s meeting and Niall can’t wait to go on vacation.

    Warning: um smut?

    WC: 5600+

    AN: This is insanely long because some of you wanted the Lilo smut. This might be the last part, but I cannot say for sure. Enjoy! x


    “Dad, please take me with you!” Niall begged.

    “Nope. This is something he’s gotta do on his own.”

    “But you’re gonna be there, so technically he’s not on his own.”

    “Okay, well I’m the only one old enough to drive this car. Just go buy some stuff for our trip,” Leaning in to Niall’s ear he whispered “And pick out something sexy.” He leaned over and gave Niall a quick kiss on the lips.

    “That will never not be weird,” Liam said from the backseat.

    “Give it a few hours.” Zayn said before turning his attention back to Niall.

    “Baby just go. We’ll be back in an hour or two.”

    “Fine,” Niall huffed getting out of the car. Liam got out also, moving up to the front seat.

    “Good luck mate,” Niall said before embracing the boy in a hug.

    “Thanks,” Liam muttered into the shorter boy’s shoulder. “I’m gonna need it.”

    “He’ll love you,”

    “That’s half the reason why I’m scared.” Liam said getting back into the car.

    “Everything’ll be fine.” Niall said before he closed the door to the car; tapping the hood twice before walking off into the mall to do some shopping for his and Zayn’s trip.

    Liam turned to look at Zayn who pulled out of the parking lot and out onto the road.

    “Thanks for doing this Mr. Mal—Zayn.”

    “It’s no problem,” Zayn replied before turning on the radio and letting the comfortable silence overtake them.

    Liam and Zayn were on their way a friend of Zayn’s house. Liam and Louis, Zayn’s friend, had had many conversations texting and talking on the phone and this was the first time that they were going to meet. Somehow the topic of age had never come up in any of their conversations. Liam didn’t tell Zayn that little tidbit because he feared the older wouldn’t take him. Liam felt a strange connection to Louis; even they had never officially met. It was just something about his voice that had Liam in a fit; though he was surprised that Louis never bothered to ask how old he was considering he had already heard his voice. Yeah, he had a deep voice for someone of his age, but he thought he still sounded pretty young.

    It wasn’t a long car ride, but Zayn somehow figured he would be waiting in the car for a while, if you know what I mean. Zayn guessed that Liam had a daddy kink and man was he right. Liam told Zayn all about how amazing Louis sounded and how they were always talking. However, when Zayn told Liam just how old Louis was his face went pale white, but quickly regained its original color. The boy seemed almost unfazed at the new information. When Liam suggested they meet, he knew he was in for a trip. He knew that Liam hadn’t bothered to tell Louis his actual age and that this wouldn’t go over with him, but with a face like Liam’s how could you say no?

    That’s how they ended up taking the half hour drive out to Louis’ home.

    “Alright, we’re here.”

    “Already?” Liam asked; a nervous hitch to his voice.

    “Yup. I told you it wasn’t that far.”

    “I was hoping you were joking,” Liam said as he got out of the car.

    The house was small, but looked spacious. It wasn’t overly ostentatious, but it seemed to fit the older lad from what Liam could tell. Noticing Zayn already walking up the walkway, Liam hurried to go by his side.

    “I’m not so sure this is a good idea anymore,” Liam said tugging on Zayn’s jacket.

    “I already drove out here,” Zayn said before knocking. “And I already knocked on the door.”

    Liam stood, mouth agape, staring at the elder like he had done the unthinkable. Before he could even utter a word, the door opened.

    There before the both of them, stood Louis Tomlinson. Liam registered all of Louis in a matter of seconds. Tan skin, blue eyes, brown hair swept up oh so perfectly yet so disheveled, khaki shorts and a red shirt. Though Liam wondered how he was so tan; summer had just started. Louis threw himself at the boy next to him and felt saddened that he wasn’t Zayn.

    “Zayn!” Louis squealed hugging the boy relentlessly. “It’s been too long. But obviously you still haven’t forgotten me if you were oh so generous to give Liam my number.” Louis turned around and walked back into his house as if he didn’t even need to invite them in.

    Zayn walked in and took off his shoes, before he noticed Liam still standing on the front step.

    “Oh c’mon then.” Zayn said tugging the boy in. Liam allowed himself to be dragged into the foyer before taking off his shoes.

    Both boys walked into the living room where Louis was seated. His eyes graced over Liam, noticing the boy for the first time.

    “Is this little Niall?” Louis asked getting up from his place on the couch. “You’ve gotten so big!” Louis exclaimed wrapping the boy in a hug. “Your dad really should bring you over more often.”

    Liam melted into the hug because he, Liam James Payne, was hugging Louis William Tomlinson. He gripped tighter at the thought. But wait. Louis thought he was Niall? Liam pulled back looking at the boy, a look of utter confusion stretched across his face. Louis hadn’t noticed because he turned his attention to Zayn.

    “I seriously can’t thank you enough for giving Liam my number. He is the sweetest bloke I’ve..never met. But that’s all gonna change soon. He’s coming over later today and we’re gonna have loads of fun.”

    “Really?” Zayn asked. “What did you have planned?” Zayn asked taking a seat on the couch.

    “Oh, you know just hang out with him. I feel like I already know him though, so we might just skip that part and get to the real fun.” Louis said winking at Zayn, joining him on the couch; completely forgetting Liam was in the room.

    “’Real fun’ my arse. I know you Lou. They nicknamed you Tommo The Tease in college for a reason. ”

    “Well Liam seems different. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that just wants to get in my pants. I don’t know Zayn maybe this could actually be something,” Louis said as he bit his lip.

    Liam let out a small whimper at the conversation being held in front of him. The tightening in his trousers told him that he most definitely did want to get in Louis’ pants, but the tightening in his heart also had him thinking that maybe he and Louis could be something too.

    “Niall are you okay? You look a little pale,” Louis said with concern in his voice.

    ‘Deep breaths Liam, come on you can do this.’ Liam thought to himself.

    “I-I’m not Niall,” Liam said.

    Realization dawned on Louis faster than a bullet. Getting up from the couch he pulled Zayn with him dragging him to the kitchen.

    “What the hell were you thinking?!” Louis asked whisper shouting as he hit Zayn across the head.


     “You weren’t thinking! He’s a kid Zayn.”

    “His age didn’t matter when you didn’t know what it was,” Zayn tried reasoning with the boy.

    “Of course it didn’t ’cause I didn’t know you dolt! He can’t be older than 12!”

    “He’s 15.” Zayn stated.

    “If you’re trying to prove something to me, then you’re really not helping your case here.”

    “Just give him a chance will you Lou?”

    “Absolutely not, and there is nothing you can say or do to change my mind,” Louis said crossing his arms. “I will talk to him, and tell him that I’m sorry that I’ve lead him on but this cannot continue.” Louis said before walking out of the kitchen.

    He turned out thought to give Zayn one last smack on the head.


    “Can’t believe you,” Louis muttered under his breath. Walking out into the living room, he saw Liam sitting on the couch twiddling his thumbs waiting patiently for someone to come back. Looking to his left he saw Louis staring at him. Giving a smile, Louis gave a faint one back. Liam knew this would happen, but something in him hoped for the better.

    “C’mere,” Louis said softly, but Liam heard him and moved up to walk into the kitchen with the boy as Zayn was walking out. He tried to catch Zayn’s attention, but he was too busy rubbing the back of his head.

    Leaning against the island, Liam looked at Louis, leaning against the counter.

    “Look, Liam—”

    “S’okay. You don’t have to say it.” Liam interrupted the boy. He knew what was coming and didn’t need to hear it to prove it.

    “I didn’t wanna lead you on okay? I just thought—”

    “I said it was okay alright? Can we just leave it at that?” Liam asked not waiting for an answer as he headed toward the door.

    Louis grabbed the boy by the wrist jerking him back. “Will you just let me finish tal—” Louis began but cut himself off when he noticed how red the boys’ eyes were. He was on the brink of tears and Louis cold tell.

    “Please, just let me go,” Liam whispered as he used his free had to wipe at the tears in his eyes.

    “Just let me finish?” Louis pleaded.

    “Why? So you can go on to say ‘you’re a really great guy, but this isn’t gonna work’? No! I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t wanna hear any of it!”

    “But you are a great guy, it’s just—” Louis was cut off, but Liam’s lips on his. Try all he might, and he wasn’t trying very hard, he had to acknowledge that Liam was a great kisser. The way he moved his lips in sync with Louis, and how he swiped his tongue across Louis’ mouth asking for entrance, which was quickly granted, and the way he moved his tongue perfectly that had Louis just moaning into the kiss. Liam pulled back, must to Louis’ distaste, and leaned down to whisper in Louis’ ear:

    “I’m a great guy, but what?” He sucked below Louis’ ear and Louis held onto the boy for dear life.

    “I was…you’re just…s’feels good.” Louis couldn’t even form coherent sentences as Liam worked up on his neck. He wrapped his arm around Liam and pulled him closer.

    Liam doesn’t know what came over him, but he just wanted Louis and he’d be damned if he let him get away after having him this closer. But he didn’t just want to want Louis. He wanted Louis to want him too. Going along with the plan in his head, he nibbled on Louis’ skin for a while longer, making sure to leave a bruise before he pulled back from Louis altogether.

    “You’re right Lou,” Liam began as he backed up toward the door. “This just wouldn’t work.”

    Louis whimpered at what he thought the younger was going to say. All of those thoughts had flown out the window the second Liam’s skin touched his. Something about the boy had him wanting to take him right there on the island, even with Zayn in the other room.

    “You’re just not dominant enough for me,” Liam said with a smirk. He just had to play it cool. If Louis was the kind of guy that Liam knew him to be then this would all play out like Liam wanted it to.

    “Excuse me? I’m not dominant enough for you?” Louis asked mouth agape.

    “Yeah, I mean you were like silly putty in my hands. I need someone who’s gonna throw me on the island and take me right there. Not whimper at the slightest touch. I mean I know you couldn’t help yourself. But hey at least you got some pleasure out of it right?” Liam asked motioning towards the lovebite forming on Louis’ neck before turning around.

    Louis couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He was being stood up by a 15 year old. No; this wasn’t happening. Louis would make this boy his, if it was the last thing he did. Walking into the living room he saw no one. Could he already be too late? It was only just seconds ago that Liam had exited the kitchen. Walking toward the door he noticed both boys putting their shoes on. Walking over to them he stood in front of Liam, facing Zayn.


    Zayn flinched. “Are you gonna smack me again?” he asked.

    Louis thought about it before hitting Zayn twice. “That’s 2 for flinching.”

    “Ow? Enough with the abuse, we’re leaving now.”

    “Actually Liam is gonna stay, and you’re gonna pick him up tomorrow.”

    “What?” Both boys said in unison.

    Louis backed up so his ass was firmly pressed against Liam’s erection as he took Liam’s hands in his own. Liam bit his lip, trying to hold in a moan.

    “Yeah, Liam’s gonna stay. Is that a problem?” Louis said bluntly. Zayn and Liam both knew what was going on, but Zayn threw his hands up as if to say ‘you win’.

    “Not at all,” Liam said. Louis turned around to give the boy a wink.

    Zayn leaned down to Louis and whispered in his ear “He’s got a Daddy kink,”

    “You’re joking.”

    “Not even close. It’s kinda cute actually.”

    “Wait,” Louis said stepping forward away from Liam and towards Zayn. “How do you know?” Louis asked folding his arms across his chest.

    “We had to make sure he was!” Zayn admitted. “He had a girlfriend and refused the inevitable, so we had to…guide him in the right direction.” Zayn said before opening the door.

    Louis stood on his tiptoes to whisper in Zayn’s ear.

    “Oh, I’ll put him in the right direction.” Louis said before winking at Zayn.

    “Tommo The Tease lives on!” Zayn shouted as he left the house. Louis closed the door after him and locked it.

    Liam gulped. He wanted Louis and that was for sure, but he didn’t know how far he was willing to go. I guess he’d just have to figure it out when the time came.

     “When I’m done with you, you’ll regret saying I wasn’t dominate” Louis said.

     “Really? Prove it,” Liam said before attacking Louis’ lips to his


    Upstairs, Louis had Liam on his bed as he straddled the younger boy. This had escalated quickly since they were downstairs. Liam had lost some of his momentum that he had before, but Louis hardly noticed; all of his thoughts were LiamLiamLiam.

    Liam knew that Louis wanted to have sex with him, but he was a virgin…kinda. He didn’t wanna disappoint Louis, but he didn’t know if he’d be comfortable doing that kind of thing yet. He really liked Louis and hoped that things could continue after this.

    Louis’ hands roamed under Liam’s shirt feeling the contours of his abs. For someone of his age, he was very well defined. Removing himself from kissing him, he removed Liam’s shirt before tossing is god knows where. Instead of kissing, Louis went to bite at Liam’s neck. The boy moaned out as he gripped Louis’ shirt. Licking the now forming bruise Louis whispered in Liam’s ear.

    “Now we match,” He said before pulling back and taking his shirt off. Liam grabbed Louis by the back of his neck as he pulled the elder down to kiss him.

    Louis could kiss Liam all day, but fearing that’s all they would end up doing he tried to move things along. He palmed at Liam’s jeans and extracted beautiful moans from the boy.

    “Uggh—Lou,” Liam whimpered pulling back from the kiss.


    “Sorry, it just fits.

     “Li, it’s fine.” Louis said as he grabbed the length under him. “Call me,” tug “whatever,” tug “you,” tug “want.”

    “Uggghhhh,” Liam moaned. It came out involuntarily but it felt oh so right. His hips twitched as Louis continued to pull at his growing length.

    “That’s my boy,” Louis whispered as he got off of Liam and took off the boy’s pants and boxers down.

    Liam hissed at the cool air hitting his cock but groaned at the sheer pleasure of Louis jerking him off, but he was going so slow. Painfully slow to be honest.

    “Lou, p-please,”

    “Tell me what you want Li,” Louis said as he gave a kitten like lick to the cock in his hand.

    “I-I don’t know,” Liam sounded defeated. Louis’ fingers felt so good working up and down his shaft, and then suddenly they were gone.

    Liam looked down and saw that there was no one below him. Scanning the room he saw Louis rummaging through his dresser. That ass was pure perfection sculpted by the gods; no one was just given an ass like that.

    Louis turned around to find Liam staring at him.

    “Enjoying the view?” Louis laughed at how quickly Liam looked away trying to cover his blush but Louis found it adorable. He leaned down to give the boy a small kiss. Ever so slightly he pulled back; breath still mingling.

    “10 bucks says you’re a virgin.”

    “Then you’d only win 5—I think. I’ve had sex before just—”

    “Not with a guy?” Louis interrupted.

    “Yeah,” Liam said averting his gaze.

    “You are so cute when you’re flustered.” Louis said before kissing the boy again. “Alright, so since you’re a virgin and are gonna be tighter than ever, how bout I loosen you up?”

    “How?” Liam asked a puzzled look on his face.

    “Don’t worry about how. Just sit back and relax.” Louis said winking at the boy. He undid the cap on the bottle of lube before applying a generous amount onto his fingers. Lining up with the boy’s entrance he pushed it about halfway till his knuckle.

    A list of profanities left Liam’s mouth. Never had he ever felt such an intense burn mixed with such an immense pleasure.

    “You okay?”

    “Yeah, it’s a new feeling, but it’s a good one.”

    Louis laughed. “Can I go a little deeper?”

    “Yeah,” Liam said. It felt weird having Louis’ finger up his ass, but it felt so amazing. He didn’t even know he was doing it but he felt himself pushing down on Louis’ fingers.

    “You adjust quickly,” Louis said before adding another finger and scissoring the boy open.

    Finger after finger went in and Liam adjusted quite well to the pain. It might have been the fact that Louis was coaxing him through it when it hurt or that Louis was the one doing this. He whimpered when he felt Louis leave him. The boy whined at the empty feeling before looking down to see Louis with a condom in his hand.

    “Condom or no?” Louis asked.

    “You choose,” Liam replied.

    Louis threw the condom because he didn’t know when he’d be able to do this with Liam again. He lubed up his cock before lining up with Liam once more.

    “You ready?”

    “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Liam replied before Louis slowly inserted the head of his cock in. “Wait!” Liam yelled before Louis thrusted in. “I don’t know if I’ll be any good at—”

    “Li,” Louis began “it’s fine. You’re a virgin so I’m not expecting much.”

    “I don’t know whether to be relieved or slightly offended.”

    Louis laughed, “just relax and let me take care of you, yeh?”

    Liam nodded in assurance for him to continue.

    Louis had barely pushed the head of his cock in before Liam was a mess under him.

    “It’s too tight. What was the point of stretching me out if it was gonna hurt this bad?!” Liam exclaimed. He didn’t know if he could do this. He didn’t wanna disappoint Louis because he’d come this far and very well couldn’t leave the boy with blue balls but dammit he was in pain.

    “The point of stretching you out is so the pain isn’t worse than this,” Louis explained. He tried not to get too excited. In finding out that Liam had never had sex with a guy; Louis knew that he would be in place for a while. He didn’t wanna ’cause the younger anymore pain than he was already in; but only god knew how long Louis could last before he tore the boys ass apart.

    “The pain could be worse?!” Liam was having a right fit.

    “Hey, I’m not gonna pressure you,” Louis said as he leaned down to press a skis to Liam’s cheek. “Take all the time you need to adjust and let me know when you’re ready.” Liam nodded his head in approval.

    Louis pushed in inch by inch as Liam slowly adjusted to being stretched. The tight heat was enough to drive Louis wild and with Liam panting and moaning below him he didn’t know how long he would be able to hold out.

    He knew it would take a while for him to bottom out. Liam was groaning like he was a pornstar and Louis couldn’t take anymore. Before Liam gave him the okay to move he backed out a little before slowly going back in.


    “Shit sorry. I know you didn’t give me the okay to move but—”

    “Shutup it feels good,” Liam said with his back slightly arching off the bed. Maybe this wouldn’t turn out to be so bad after all. So far he wasn’t enjoying it as much as he thought he would; he didn’t really see what the big deal of the situation was.

    Louis pulled out a little further and pushed in lightly still not wanting to completely hurt the boy. Things were still a little slow for his taste, but Liam was a virgin and he didn’t wanna hurt the boy in any way possible.

    “Faster,” Liam moaned. “Mmmmm, harder.”

    “Are you sure? I mean only if you’re comfortable with—”

    “Uggggghhhh,” Liam moaned as his hands started to lightly fist at the sheets. “Daddy please just go faster.” Louis had hit something inside him and he was going absolutely insane. Sweat accumulated on his forehead as he felt a warming in the pit of his stomach. Could he already be that close?

    That was all the encouragement Louis needed as he gripped Liam’s waist, and pulled out till the tip of his cock remained before slammed into the boy.

    A litany of curses left Liam’s mouth; some he was sure weren’t even real, but Louis felt amazing and he kept hitting that sweet spot that had Liam seeing stars.

    Removing his hands from his hips, he placed them next to Liam’s head as he thrust in faster.

    “Oh God Daddy, I—” Liam began but didn’t get to finish his sentence as spurts of cum sprang out from his cock landing on both of their chests.

    “Oh fuck,” Louis said. If the tight heat of Liam was bad then, now was unbearable. With Liam’s walls clenching around him he came inside of the boy. He pulled out and leaned down to Liam’s chest licking up the cum that lay on top of him. Leaning back up he kissed the boy, having him taste himself.

    Louis pulled back before lying down next to Liam and closing his eyes.



    “What does this make us? I m-mean I could understand if y-you didn’t wanna make us anything, but—”

    Louis silenced the boy with a kiss. “I don’t know about titles since boyfriend doesn’t actually seem appropriate,” Louis said as he pulled back. “But I do know that you’re mine, and I’m yours.”

    The smile that appeared on Liam’s face was infectious as Louis soon had a matching grin.

    “Sorry I kinda called you Daddy back there,” Liam said trying to hide the blush that crept up on his face

    “In all honesty, it’s kinda hot,” Louis winked at the boy before taking his lips in his own. Pulling back he turned around and curled his back into the boy’s chest.

    “Really? You like being the little spoon?”

    “Oi! Just shutup and cuddle me,” Louis reprimanded; all the while sounding authoritative and childlike.

    Liam just laughed before taking the boy in his arms and pulling him close; kissing Louis’ neck before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

    ~                                                   ~                                                ~

    “Hurry up!”

    “I’m rounding the corner now. Calm your horses.” Zayn said as he pulled up in front of the mall. His mouth stood agape when he saw Niall with at least 7 different bags; all from stores he’d never heard of.

    “What did you buy?” Zayn asked as Niall stepped into the car.

    “Not telling. It’s a surprise for when we go on vacation,” Niall said winking at his dad.

    “I seriously have no idea where you learned to be such a tease from. I always gave you what you wanted, and you tease me to no extent!” Zayn said as he pulled out of the parking lot, going back to their home.

    “I may have picked up a few things from Demi,” Niall said blatantly.

    “Oh, by any chance do you know how she is?”

    “As far as I know, she hates me for dumping her, hates me even more for finding out that she was dating a gay guy, and hates me the most for having Liam explain it to her, instead of me going over to her myself,” Niall answered.

    “Geez, that’s a lot of hate. Yeah, and you don’t even wanna know how bad Liam got it when he told Dani he was gay. And she had the nerve to blame me for ‘turning him gay’!” Niall exclaimed. “Technically you did it.”

    “Wha—I did not! You told me to do it!” Zayn rebutted.

    “It’s whatever,” Niall said not wanting to talk about it anymore.

    Zayn sensed the boy’s changing mood and put a hand on his knee rubbing up and down, but Niall didn’t budge.

    “C’mon Nialler, you don’t need her.”

    “I know.” Niall said. “Did you drop Liam off already?”

    “No actually, I believe he and Louis are having a little fun on their own if you know what I mean,” Zayn said waggling his eyesbrows.

    “Really?  I didn’t think Louis would go for it.”

    “He didn’t at first, but from what I heard from my spot on the couch Liam is quite the persuader.”

    Niall laughed “Wow, I never took Liam for that type.”

    “Yeah me neither,” Zayn said as he pulled into the driveway of their house.

    “Want me to help you with those?” Zayn asked as they got out of the car.

    “Nice try Dad, but you’re not getting anywhere near these bags. Can’t you just wait and be surprised?” Niall asked as they walked to the door, Zayn unlocking it.

    “Alright fine, but don’t forget that tonight, we’re opening another package,” Zayn said winking. Niall was about to say something but Zayn cut him off. “And if I can’t know what’s in the bag, you can’t know what’s in the package.” Zayn said as he gave a chaste kiss to the boys lips before leaving to go up to his room.

    “Now who’s the tease,” Niall muttered as he walked up to his actual room to hide the bags from Zayn.


    Niall and Zayn were cuddled on the couch, watching some football game that Zayn had zero interest in whatsoever. In truth, Niall was hardly paying attention to it either, what with Zayn leaving bites everywhere on his skin and full blown makeout sessions during the commercials, it was a wonder Niall could even focus at all. Zayn knew what he was doing to his son though. He had something special planned for tonight and he wanted Niall to be none the wiser so he tried not to give any hints.

    “Dad, c’mon,” Niall pleaded.

    “I’m sorry Nialler, am I distracting you?” Zayn asked innocently

    “Ha ha, you’re so funny. Seriously though, either fuck me right now, or let me watch the game.”

    “Sheesh someone’s impatient,” Zayn said sitting up. “But if that’s what you really want,” Zayn said as he moved over to straddle Niall.

    He ground his hips against the boy’s erection and moved his head down to kiss the boy. His hands worked up and down the boy’s torso, but never made a move to pull it off. One hand stayed on Niall’s abs, as the other moved to Niall’s erection through his jeans. He swiped his tongue across Niall’s bottom lip and the younger immediately granted his access. Tongues mingling, Zayn didn’t know if he would be able to stop himself, but he had to. He really wanted to get upstairs and open the package. So with every fiber of his being, ’cause honestly he could’ve taken Niall right then and there, Zayn bit Niall’s lip as he moved his head back removing his lips from his sons.

    “When I call for you, meet me upstairs,” Zayn said as he got off of Niall and headed for the stairs. “And you better be naked,” Zayn said as he walked up the stairs to their room.

    “Jesus,” Niall said as he started to rid himself of his clothes, nearly toppling over when he tried to take off his jeans.

    “Nialler,” Zayn sang. Niall ran up the stairs faster than he probably should have and was met with the most beautiful sight. There was Zayn before him; naked holding a package. His dick was already hard and looked like it had already been lubed up.

    “On the bed,” Zayn commanded. Niall walked swiftly to the bed and sat down. He was a sporting a semi from earlier, but just looking at Zayn naked his dick grew slowly but surely.

    Zayn tore open the package and pulled out what looked to be a bigger cock ring, until Niall saw the other one come out; handcuffs.

    “Oh fuck,” Niall said under his breath. Zayn had wanted to do this for a long time, ever since Niall was 12. Even when Niall encouraged it, Zayn always said that he was too young, and that he would hurt him. Now, Niall was apparently old enough and he knew he was in for the pounding of a lifetime.

    “Exactly,” Zayn said as he moved closer to Niall, cuffs in his hands. Zayn took Niall’s hands in his and cuffed one wrist, then pulled Niall up to the bedframe before pulling the other end of the cuff around and cuffing his other hand.

    Zayn backed away from Niall and took a look at the sight before him. This was going to be amazing.

    “No prepping,” Zayn said and Niall’s mouth stood agape. No prepping? How the hell was he supposed to cope with no prepping?

    “Not touching your cock,” Zayn continued and Niall groaned as he could feel his member growing in size only to be denied.

    “And no mercy,” Zayn finished. Niall knew this was gonna be rough, but that only excited him further.

    Zayn kneeled down into the bed and pushed into Niall, bottoming out completely.

    “Not even gonna go slow?” Niall said as his hands gripped the top of the bedframe.

    “I said no mercy,” Zayn said as he immediately started thrusting in and out of Niall. Niall gripped the bedframe for dear life as Zayn pounded into him. Zayn gripped his hips so hard, he was sure that there were going to be bruises left.

    “Daddy, please,” Niall begged. “P-Please touch my cock.”

    “I said no,” Zayn said slamming into Niall’s prostate.

    “Oh, fuck,” Niall swore. He was achingly hard and knew that his orgasm was quickly approaching. Even though Zayn was pounding his ass harder than ever Niall still wanted more. He released the bedframe and tried to push back against Zayn’s dick, but the cuffs were digging into his wrists. With the pleasure sense having overridden all senses, he didn’t care if they left bruises or even bled; he just wanted Zayn.

    “G-Gonna cum soon,” Zayn muttered as he felt his thrusts becoming sloppier and the warming in his stomach.

    “Please cum in me Daddy,” Niall begged.

    And Zayn did. He filled Niall’s ass with his cum and Niall came all over the bed sheets. Zayn pulled out and undid Niall’s cuffs. In doing so, he saw that all around Niall’s wrists were very red and near bleeding.

    “Ni!” Zayn exclaimed. “I thought you were gripping the bedframe so this didn’t happen!”

    “I was,” Niall reprimanded. “But you felt so good, that I just wanted more and I don’t know. It was worth it though,” Niall said winking at his dad before moving around in the bed so that he could get comfortable.

    “It better have been ’cause we definitely won’t be using these if you keep doing stuff like that,” Zayn said.

    “M’sorry,” Niall said quietly.

    “Ni, it’s okay. I just don’t want you getting hurt is all.”

    Niall smiled up at his dad and pulled him down to give him a kiss. Zayn pulled the duvet up over both of them as he flicked on the TV.

    “Aw man! The games over,” Niall said saddened turning to Zayn with a frown on his face.

    “Next time, I won’t fuck you then.”

    Niall’s mouth formed a small o before he shook his head repeatedly as he cuddled into Zayn’s embrace.

    “I’d miss 100 soccer games if you fucked me like that every time.”

    Zayn winked at the boy before wrapping his arms around Niall’s chest.

    “If you thought this was good, just wait till we go on vacation.” Zayn said into Niall’s chest. Niall turned around to face his dad with the widest grin on his face.

    “I love you Dad,”

    “I love you too,” Zayn said kissing his son.

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