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    Pairing: Ziall

    WC: 2400+

    AN: I just..I don’t even know. Okay, this is just smut..I wouldn’t say poorly written..but fairly bad. x

    Walking in more tired than ever, Zayn slumped down on the couch in his apartment and tried to go to sleep, knowing very well that he couldn’t. His son was going to be dropped off by the babysitter in less than half an hour. He hated Harry for leaving him alone with their adopted son. Even thinking of Harry but a scowl to the elders face.

    He should have known that him and Harry were never going to last. He ran off with some tosser and never looked back. But Zayn and Niall were okay. They didn’t need Harry; they’d be fine on their own.

    Zayn was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard the door being opened. Thinking it was just the babysitter, he ignored it. However when he heard a voice not belonging to Niall or the babysitter, his ears perked up.

    “Niall, are you sure your dad isn’t home?”

     “Totally; he doesn’t usually get home for another hour.”

    Zayn sunk into the couch hoping to go unnoticed by Niall and his friend. The boys walked into the kitchen and rummaged around for food. Even though Niall was only 12, he had the appetite of a full grown man; that boy could eat for days, and never gain any weight.

    “Li come on. There’s nothing to worry about. You should be the happiest guy on the planet! Danielle finally agreed to go out with you.”

    “I know, but kissing her just didn’t feel right,” Liam shrugged.

    “How would you know?” Niall questioned. “She’s the only girl you’ve ever kissed!”

    “I know,” he sighed. “But something was just off.”

    “Well are you sure you like girls?” Niall asked.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I mean do you like boys? My dad does, or did. He used to love my dad, but then he left us. Now he just loves me.”

    “You mean you do stuff with your dad?!” Liam looked shocked

    “No, of course not! I mean I wouldn’t mind if we did but that’s not what I meant. I meant he hasn’t gone out with any other guys in a while.” Niall said while taking a bite of the sandwich he made. “Don’t think he’s over my dad.”

    Zayn had heard enough, and decided to let out a light snore to let the boys know he was there. The audible gasps and whispered shouts of ‘Liam get out before he wakes up!’ were enough to let Zayn know that the boy had left, and his horrible acting worked.

    “Dad, get up. I know you’re not asleep.”

    “No idea what you’re talking about Nialler,” Zayn yawned stretching his limbs. He ruffled the boys’ hair and walked into the kitchen to prepare them dinner. The only thought on his mind being was Niall had said earlier. He wouldn’t mind doing things with Zayn, but that was weird right? Wasn’t that incestuous? But Niall is technically adopted. No, he couldn’t allow himself to think like that. Nothing would happen between him and his son, no matter the growing erection in his pants when he thought of how tight his virgin hole would be around his aching member.

    Meanwhile in the living room, Niall was watching TV. He knew that his dad had heard his entire conversation with Liam. He didn’t know what to think with his dad finding out that he wouldn’t mind if they did anything together. Maybe Zayn would ignore it, and everything would go back to normal?


    That night, Niall woke up to a stirring in his boxers. Thinking that going to sleep would make it go away. Waking up an hour later he noticed it go bigger. He got out of bed and walked to his dad’s room, not even realizing that his dad was still awake. He certainly wasn’t prepared for the sight before him.


    It was 2:06 in the morning when Zayn rolled his head over to look at the clock on his nightstand. Blue eyes, and brown hair plaguing his thoughts; he knew he was putting off the inevitable. His dick standing at full attention in his trousers was a clear sign to that. Giving up, he dug into his nightstand drawer to pull out the lube and then take off his trousers.

    Getting a tingling sensation when his dick hit the cooling air, he warmed the lube up in his hands and wrapped the around his aching member. A moan involuntarily escaped his lips. Trying his hardest to push blue eyes and small hands out of his mind while doing this, he gave up and threw his head back as he flicked his wrist near the head of his dick. Feeling that warming in the pit of his stomach he moaned out the name of the boy that covered his thoughts:


    “Dad, why did you say my name?”

    “Shit!” Zayn cursed, trying to cover himself. Immediately taking his hand off his cock no matter how close he was.

    “Niall w-what are you doing out of bed?” Zayn stuttered.

    “I needed to ask you about something.” Niall said his voice full of innocence.

    Zayn looked over at the clock “At 2:15 in the morning Ni? W-What could be so important?” Zayn was stuttering and he knew it. His cock ached to be touched. So close to cumming, and now sitting here having a conversation with blue balls only prolonging his agony.

    “Well I think we have the same problem, but you knew how to solve yours.”

    Zayn had a look of confusion etched onto his face, until his eyes moved south to the boys’ lower region to see he had a growing erection as well.

    “Daddy will you teach me?”

    “W-What? Niall, you don’t know this yet, but if I did then that would be really bad if someone found out. Someone might take you away from me and that would make Daddy really sad.”

    “I won’t tell anyone, honest” Niall moved to crawl onto the bed. He sat Indian style like a student waiting to learn. Blue eyes big and bulging, Zayn couldn’t resist.

    “Alright, c’mere,” Zayn gestured for the younger to come sit next to him.

    The younger crawled next to his dad as Zayn removed the blanket from around his waist. He immediately wrapped his hand around his dick. Feeling so good since his no longer prolonged with Niall standing awkwardly in front of him. Now he was awkwardly next to him. Something about the younger boy made it that much easier for him to cum all over his hand. He grabbed a few tissues to clean himself off and turned his attention to Niall.

     Niall looked at Zayn’s dick in awe. He tried to copy Zayn’s movements, but failed. He couldn’t quite flick his wrist the way Zayn did. When Zayn came, Niall suddenly felt his member get harder in his hand.

    “Daad,” Niall whined. “You’re supposed to be helping me get rid of it, not help it stay longer.”

    Zayn looked over at Niall and smirked. The boy was large for his age, and was indeed standing erect leaking precum. Zayn leaned into Niall until, their foreheads touching.

    “Now baby I’m gonna need you to trust me. It might hurt at first, but I promise you it’ll feel better, okay?”

    Niall nodded and said “I trust you Daddy”

    With that, Zayn leaned in and pressed his lips slowly to Niall’s. He was surprised when Niall kissed back like he knew what he was doing. Zayn pulled back.

    “Where did you learn how to do that?”

    “I saw Liam do that to Danielle.” He said with a smile.

    Zayn chuckled and put his lips back on Niall’s. His hand on the boys’ abdomen slowly traveling to the boys’ erection. Reaching it, Niall gasped into the kiss. Slowly moving his hand up and down the boys’ shaft he extracted beautiful moans from his mouth. His breath was becoming uneven and Zayn knew he was close and quickly removed his hand.

    “Dad, why’d you stop? I-It felt really g-good.”

    Zayn smiled and kissed his nose. “I know Ni, but I wanna make you feel better.” Zayn reached over for the lube and spread it on his fingers. “Now baby I want you to be real good for Daddy. This may hurt a little, but it’ll get better okay?” The boy looked at Zayn with all the trust in the world and nodded. “Okay, now spread your legs.” Something in Zayn almost made him stop. The young look of adoration and sincerity but by then one of his fingers was pressing at the boy’s puckered hole. The only thing stopping Zayn from pulling out was the moan elicited from the boy’s mouth.

    Zayn had never heard something so delicious come from such a small boy. Pushing in a little further, out came another, what he thought, was a moan. Looking up at Niall he saw tears streaming down the boy’s face. Zayn immediately came up and kissed the boys tears away.

    “Shush shush baby it’s okay.”

    “I-I thought you s-said that it was s-supposed to feel g-good? D-Daddy it really hurts.”

    Tears pooling in the boy’s eyes had Zayn cursing himself for even attempting to do this with his son. Yet the pleasure sense in his brain had overridden all possible sense and all he wanted was to make Niall feel good; have him moan Zayn’s name; have him arch his back off the bed in absolute pleasure; and cumming with Zayn’s dick inside of him. Instinctively curling his finger, he hit the boy’s prostate unknowingly, having another cry escape the boy’s mouth.

    “Ni, I’m so sorry. This was probably a bad idea.”

    “No Daddy. Curl your finger again. That part felt good.”

    Zayn did as he was told and watched as Niall fell undone before him. Wanting more from the boy, Zayn pumped his finger in harder pulling out only to add a second finger. It didn’t take long for Niall to adjust to the second finger. Zayn was achingly hard and couldn’t contain himself anymore. Withdrawing his fingers he reached for the lube, to lather up his cock. Looking at Niall, the boy was breathing heavily, but had a frown upon his face. Zayn leaned down and kissed the boy sweetly.

    “Baby, what’s wrong?”

    “You always stop, right when it feels the best. Like you don’t want me to be happy the way you were happy when I first came in.”

    “Oh baby, I do want you to be happy. I wanna be able to make you the happiest person ever. But I wanted you to cum off of my cock, not my fingers babe.”

    “Is that what it’s called Daddy? Cum?” The question just made him that much more innocent.

    “Yeah, that’s what it’s called Ni.” Zayn lines himself up at the boy’s entrance but only pushes in slightly. “Now when you cum, it’ll feel like you have to pee. But don’t worry, it’s not gonna be pee. Okay?”

    “Okay Daddy.” Niall said sweetly with a smile etched onto his face.

    Zayn pushed in so that just the head was in, looking up quickly to see a look of pain on the boy’s face. Zayn stopped so the boy could adjust, and leaned down to kiss him. “Let me know when it’s okay to move,” he said as he showered the younger with kisses of encouragement. Niall pulled away and nodded letting Zayn know it was okay to move. Zayn knew he wouldn’t last long so he bottomed out. Niall cried.

    “D-Daddy, I-I can’t do i-it! It h-hurts too much.”

    Zayn silenced the boy with a kiss, unlike any other they shared. Zayn was rough, but only because he really wanted this, and knew that once Niall got used to it, he would want it too. They kissed for a while, before Zayn pulled back panting. God was he close. Niall still hadn’t given him the okay to move, and he knew that the second he did he would shoot his load. Zayn moved to tug at Niall’s nipples with his teeth in hope of easing the pain in his lower region. Sucking and biting, Zayn left little marks all over Niall’s chest when Niall said something Zayn didn’t quite catch.

    “Say again babe.”

    “I said you can move now. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

    Zayn’s pretty sure he had the widest grin tattooed on his face. Pulling out almost all the way, Niall whimpered at the empty feeling; bringing a slight grin to Zayn’s lips. He pumped in and out of Niall slowly as to not cause the boy any more pain. Though the agonizingly slow pace was killing him, knowing that he already made the younger cry twice that night was something he could barely live with.

    “Daddy,” Niall moaned. Hearing him moan, Zayn bucked his hips swearing to himself.

    “Shit, Niall. I’m sorry. Was that too rough?”

    “No, no. I-it felt really g-good.” With the stuttered speech, Zayn knew he was nearing the climax. He tried another angle to try and hit Niall’s prostate. With the way he started to grip the bed sheets, Zayn knew he found it and started to move at a quicker pace.

    “O-oh Daddy. You feel so good. I-I think I’m g-gonna cum.” Niall had his back arched off the bed; fingers twisting in the sheets; eyes closed and head tilted back writing in pleasure.

    “I’m close too, son.” Zayn removed one hand from Niall’s waste and started pumping his cock. That did it for the younger lad. All he saw was white and felt a warm liquid covering his chest. Zayn looked down at his cum covered hand, and felt Niall’s walls clench around him and before he knew it, he was cumming into the boy. Thrusts becoming sloppy; breath ragged. He pulled out, and reached over to grab some tissues to clean them off.

    “So how was it?” Zayn asked as he wiped the cum off of Niall’s chest.

    “It was really good Daddy,” Niall replied with a smile. Zayn threw the tissues on the floor and pulled Niall closer to him. Near sleep he felt Niall shift over so that he was facing the other.



    “Did I make you happy?”

    “You always make me happy.”

    “No like when I came in before. That kind of happy.”

    “You made me more than happy Nialler.” The widest grin spread its way across Niall’s face as he reached up to press a kiss to Zayn’s cheek.

    “I love you Daddy,” Niall said as he snuggled in closer to his father’s embrace.

    “I love you too Ni,”


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